Yes. Whenever sea conditions compromise the safety of students, the deposit is fully refunded.
Sim.  Sempre que as condições do mar comprometam a segurança dos alunos, o depósito é devolvido na totalidade.
Yes. We only advise the use of disposable lenses as they may happen to be lost during your time in the sea.
This will depend on your physical condition, previous sports habits, flexibility and balance control.  Normally in 10 of our beginner students, 6 to 7 are able to stand up in the first class.
For beginners’ classes it is not even necessary to know how to swim since we will carefully select the ideal sea conditions.  Besides keeping your feet in contact with the ground the whole time, you will have the water level … Continued
We usually give 10 minutes tolerance. In case you need more time please contact us by phone stating the reason for the delay and we can also wait for you.
It’s totally fine as long as there are students who have purchased the full day package on the same date as you. The return trip to Lisbon will be made after the classes of those students have ended.
The meeting point is made in the center of Lisbon at Praça do Saldanha, next to the Evolution Hotel.  Departure times can be arranged between 9am to 1pm and the arrivals from 1:00 to 6pm, depending on the booked packages … Continued
Normally we don’t. Yet we can open exceptions depending on the time of year and the ease of access your accommodation address since Lisbon is a city with a busy streets and limited car access in certain historic areas.
Sure you can. The number of classes you booked can be used with breaks in between according to your need for rest or availability, with a maximum of 4 months expiration date for the 10 lesson packages.